I am a fashion/editorial photographer from Brooklyn, NY.

I got my start from a professor in 2002 at a time where I had zero interest in the visual arts and saw myself writing for magazines rather than shooting for them. 

Things change but the constant, I found, is that creativity is the key to everything.
The ability to conceptualize, and manufacture from imagination, is what each of us has to offer. 

For me in doing this, in order to strike the right tone, I felt that I had to create a mood and establish a feel all my own.

My experience of having traveled across the United States in my youth, to having come from the inner-city,
provided me with a vision that toed the line between reflective/documentary and imaginative/expressive.

What I've learned from the industry is that the most rewarding approach is to take the sum of those things and put it into everything you do. 
Then, you do that thing over and over until it becomes you. 

I hope you're enjoying your visit and thank you for your consideration.

- Henry Rodgers