Good times

Last weekend I had planned to celebrate Easter the way I would any other holiday. I wanted to numb my brain with TV marathons and eat whatever I can find for take out around the way. 

Colors, accessories, definitely picked up some ideas. 

Colors, accessories, definitely picked up some ideas. 

Just then I got a call from the family requesting me at Sunday dinner. I love any chance to see them so of course I went but I couldn't pass up the chance to take my camera along. 

They live in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn, NY where I've shot before so I decided that it would be a fun shoot rather than work unless I got something that stood out and was 'must see.'

The two lovely ladies are like sisters to me so I wanted to present them in a way that shows them at their best but also their most natural.
For me, being able to capture personality is the most important non-technical aspect to photography. 


Naturally (pun intended) they were great because 1) they love being photographed and, 2) once I had a spot, they worked through gestures and poses until I gave the okay. 

It was breezy and getting colder despite the sunlight by the time we got there but they worked through. 


While there were enough good photos to hand over had this been a paid booking, the pic above is one I definitely wish I had a second chance at.
I didn't pay attention to where the shadows fell, and didn't get the angle I should have.
I was a couple of steps to my right from having a really good one. Lesson learned, lesson learned. 

Back at it this weekend with my first male model shoot. Look for new images from that in the gallery and head over to the facebook for exclusives and community discussion.

'Til then, don't be afraid to have your pb&j on toast.
- HR