After about a month of near-misses, toe fractures, and only heaven know what else, I finally got the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Mr. Jercarr Morales. 

Before anything I have to say that this young man has the kind of positive attitude, open mindedness, and work ethic that rare.
Because of this, the shoot went swimmingly from my trip up the mountain (Cloisters, Washington Heights, NY), til the time we left and JCM (trying to be the guy known for giving the star their moniker) saved my tripod from being lost forever at the McDonalds. 

It wasn't long into it that a great spot for photos stood out:

The more we spoke, the more impressed I became. Here is a 22 year old guy putting himself through school who works to put together a lookbook/portfolio to pursue an acting career in his spare time. 
Knowing this, I knew Jercarr would find as important to put everything into his work as I do. 

I'm going to stop talking and post a couple more photos below so that you can see for yourself. 

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'til next time,
Don't be afraid to be first.

- Henry