Thumbtack is the latest and greatest tool for improving the presence of your business in the marketplace. 
This is particularly important for me because there are so many who need photography services, yet so few places where customers can review profiles and compare offers. 

You may ask "wouldn't you worry about losing business to people who price lower?" 
My answer is, whether it's realized early or discovered late, you get what you pay for. 

In reviewing my sample gallery I believe you can be sure that I will provide the beauty and impression that you'd like your images to give when you show them to family, friends, clients etc.
When a potential client chooses a photographer based on price structure alone, those assurances are usually not there.

So I will happily continue to use Thumbtack for my business and I recommend that everyone give it a try whether you're a provider or someone seeking a service professional.

'til next time,
Don't be afraid to go wireless.

Henry R.